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Lily asked 3 months ago

Hi, I am a single female, currently 25 years old, non-smoker and have no health issues so far. I came across your article on medical cards and am wondering which is the best/a few good ones that covers the following:

-Affordability: As I just started working, around RM150/month or below would be best.

-No lifetime limit, with at least RM250k annual limit.

-Will not refuse to renew medical coverage after hit by serious/long term illness.

-Will not penalize for upgrading room & board rate at hospital.

-Don’t mind small amount of deductibles ie RM300 before medical coverage sets in, if that means lower premiums.

-Will not increase price drastically every 5 years.

-Will not remove hospitals from panellist.

-Will not dispute claims unnecessarily.

-Additional coverage: I am interested to cover critical illnesses as well (especially cancer and heart attack), but am concerned with the affordability.
Is it better to add it on later as my salary increases? Or starting earlier would be better, in the long run?

Thanks in advance!

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CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Lily, welcome to AskCF
RM 150/month is generally only sufficient to get a decent medical card. So would advise you get that first before adding into CI (critical illness) in the future when your income increases.
Tell us more about:

  • your D.o.B.
  • your occupation
  • your company business
  • also, do your company cover you medically? If yes, how much is the room rate & annual limit?
CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Noted Lily. Please allow us time until next Monday to come up with comparative quotes for you. Please check back by then. Cheers.

CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Please refer to this:
Looks like only GE & HLA meets your budget requirement.

CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Lily, we don’t know unless you tell us

  1. how much is your etiqa sum assured for Death/TPD
  2. how much you are paying for it now

Death/TPD is not a rider. It is the BASIC building block for any type of life insurance policy. Which is why, if you noticed, for HLA, we lower it to only 10k (lowest possible), but can’t be zero. The medical card rider is the focus. But the BASIC can be increased to a sum assured of what you need, at increased costs. 

CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Your Etiqa 500k for RM 30/month, we’re guessing it could be a pure Term insurance, which means the RM 500k will expire after 10 or 20 years from the commencement date. And, at the end of the 10th or 20th year, you get zero cash value in return.
Please confirm if that’s the case by referring to the policy document itself.

CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Then suggest you keep your Etiqa policy Lily and just get the medical card rider 🙂