Medical: Rider vs Term ~ which one is REALLY better?

You may have heard someone said a medical card in the form of rider is better; on the other hand, someone else probably told you the complete opposite, stating a

Insurance Claim Breakdown

Let me reveal to you - a good indicator of the type of illness or condition you should really be aware of... ...based on the top-down breakdown of the Top 5

New medical card review Sept 2017

OK, here's the thing - it is not everyday or even every month where insurance companies updates their range of medical cards aka health insurance aka hospitalization & surgical policies. No,

Savings Plan versus FD 2016

A member, Darren Chow, asked if an endowment plan from GE, Great Premier Wealth (GPW) is better than FD 3% in 2016. The GPW Plan needs you to pay 6k