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Tony asked 3 months ago

Hi, I am a 32 year old male, non smoker, no health issues, mm2h holder (uk passport holder)- I will be living in KL for 6 months of the year. I\’m looking for the most cost efficient comprehensive medical insurance / card which will cover me accidental, serious/long term illness and even for the Covid-19 whilst in Malaysia.

Thanks in advanced

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CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Tony, welcome to AskCF.

  1. Please give us some context on the nature of your 6 months stay per year in M’sia. Is it for work/business? Do you mean 6 months continuously or there’s break in between (example, 2 months in UK, then 2 months in M’sia, etc)?
  2. If you’re already a MM2H holder, can you enlighten us why you are looking for a medical card now because one of the pre-requisite of getting a MM2H visa final approval is to get a medical card.
  3. How would you define for yourself – ‘most cost efficient comprehensive medical insurance’?
CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Tony, we opined that an international medical insurance could be a better option for you, instead of Malaysian medical card.
For any insurance application, there’s always a question asking you ‘have you resided overseas for more than 1 month in the past 1 year or do you intend to travel overseas for a period of more than 1 month?’
Obviously, any Malaysian medical insurance isn’t meant to cover lifestyle of a digital nomad. And this question becomes more important going forward due to high risk of being infected with Covid19 for ‘god-knows-how-long-this-is-gonna-last’.
While Malaysian life insurers are extending hospitalisation coverage to their existing policyholders for the coronavirus pandemic, applying for a medical insurance now and declaring you’re an extensive traveler will likely trigger red flags and cause the insurer to impose premium loadings and/or exclude medical conditions caused by your lifestyle. Insurers don’t only look at your current health, your lifestyle, nature of job and where you stay are equally important considerations for them.
Lastly, there isn’t any medical card which specifically states coverage for Covid 19 in the policy contract. They are extending it now on ad-hoc and temporary basis because of goodwill reasons, and also because the number of cases are still relatively low.
However when an illness becomes a pandemic in any country to the extent even public + private healthcare can’t support it, you can be sure insurers, being profit-making entity, won’t continue to cover you. Just to set your expectation right. Furthermore, hospitalization due to Covid 19 is mostly done at public hospitals, where medical cards are of little use except some provide daily cash reimbursement of a few hundred ringgits. 

CHING FOO LIEU Staff answered 3 months ago

Tony, we heard from our clients used to have international medical insurance from BUPA, but we can’t comment much on that because we are not authorized intermediary. 
However, it’s also true that our international clients realized they don’t need to retain their international insurance because they don’t lead a nomadic lifestyle, although they do make extended weeks long trip outside Malaysia, which they cover using travel insurance instead.
Because their base is still in Malaysia, they contend with having a Malaysian medical insurance.