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CHING FOO LIEU Staff asked 4 years ago
  1. Please ask your question here – the new interface allows you to attach image/screenshot if needed, to better clarify your questions/comments.
  2. If you need to attach a file (pdf, Excel), please upload it into any cloud sharing services such as your Google Drive or Dropbox, then post the link here.
  3. Do not send the file directly to our email because we may miss it due to the volume of emails we receive from non-members.
  4. Asking your question in this section (CLICK HERE) allows us to prioritize to answer your questions because you are a paying member.
  5. If you do not want to reveal your question to other members in this site, choose Status>Private below before you click SUBMIT.
  6. Also, choose the Category where applicable.
  7. Please allow for up to 48 hours before you questions are answered


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Note 1:

You might only see your own question under this Question list because almost all questions are posted as 'Private' by others, which you can't view.

The same applies - no other members can view your questions posted here. In fact, your questions are not visible in this Question list, which explains why you are also not able to see other member's questions being listed.

We respect the need for privacy of each and everyone of you when you post any questions in Private mode.


Note 2: 

Some questions are listed but 'protected' because the question owner initially posted that question as PUBLIC, but then decided to make it Password Protected due to sensitive info provided later.

Only the question owner knows the password so don't bother trying to enter your AskCF login password if you are not the question owner.