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Understand people trust CF Lieu & team even they are staying outside Malaysia and have not even met us in person

Why C-suite executives trust us for advice

Testimonial from Tan Sun Yau, CFO of IBM M’sia (1978-2007) – via CF Lieu’s LinkedIn

Why smart professionals trust us for advice

“AskCF is really a resourceful & helpful website, particularly on insurance perspective. Your starting approach is already very different from the rest of the agencies or agents out there.
You understood how to put yourself in a customer’s shoes and use a sharing approach to guide us in making informed decisions. There is non-hard sell at all.
All in all, I’m really grateful for everything. I’d highly recommend AskCF – talk to CF Lieu & his team to make way better decisions you can yourself”
(note: voice testimonial below)


HR Manager, KL

I was concerned about my 1st admission to private hospital after only getting my medical insurance in-force for less than 2 years, being aware of the contestability period.
However, my worry was quickly allayed when Lieu walked me through the step-by-step instructions I need to do to get my insurance company to issue me the required Guarantee Letter (GL) for cashless admission, without any hiccup or delay, before the planned hospital admission day.
Sure enough, the process of getting the GL was completed smoothly, all the way until hospital discharge. It was also due to the fact that Lieu has done the application process properly for me in the very beginning to avoid any claim or coverage dispute with the insurance company.
Overall, I had a good, hassle-free claim experience!

Mable Lai

Co-founder & Clinical Director, Miles Autism Academy

The clarity I got from Lieu’s 1on1 advisory sessions hits me like a boulder! Going forward, I now know how to ask The Right Questions whenever I engage with Financial Intermediaries.

That being said, I truly appreciate Lieu’s very clear & relatable explanation, using analogies that I am familiar with. Especially on understanding the fundamentals of different investment asset classes before jumping into multiple investment platforms – and what to look out for, even when I am short of time, the unskippable MUST-KNOWs.

Big realization – when it comes to insurance & investment, Move Fast & Break things does NOT work; it is indeed very costly to fix or reverse a non-ideal financial decision.

But like they said – better late than never!

Vivien Linggi

Senior Marketing Manager, Intelligent Money S/B

Why busy professionals trust us for advice

KB Ou Yong & KC Neo, Lawyers @ KB Ou Yong & Co

Lieu’s direct advice has helped us pieced together the fragmented parts in our financial situation, confirmed the doubts we have & gave much clarity for us to make informed financial decisions for the better.

I have engaged CF Lieu for 1 on 1 consultation session, and I have to say, he straightened things out for me which my 5 insurance agents never told me for the past 20 years.
I would highly recommend AskCF membership to anyone who need independent financial advice, even though you don’t go for the private consultation session (like I did).

Dr Jangjit Singh, General Practitioner

Poliklinik Ludher Bullar & Rakan-Rakan, Shah Alam

The only regret I have when I engaging CF Lieu is NOT seeking his advice earlier pertaining to my family insurance matters.
Lieu has delivered precisely the the answers I am seeking to solve the insurance issues I had for more than 1 year, which I can’t seem to get straight answers from insurance agents.
The advisory sessions had been exceedingly useful in clearing all my doubts on the nitty-gritty stuff and showed me the exact approach to pay less while getting increased coverage.
I am satisfied and extremely thankful to Lieu – the advisory fees is indeed well spent.

Dr Nik Marzuki Bin Mohammad, Anesthesiologist

KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital

Why even expatriates trust us for advice

The advisory sessions are conducted in no rush have been extremely helpful and have clarified a huge amounts of points which I wasn’t aware prior.
I now feel much better equipped to make the right decision being guided step by step by CF Lieu.
Of course the decision will be entirely mine but having the expertise of an expert from Malaysia who clearly understand the law, the rules , the practices is extremely valuable.
Read Pierre’s full testimonial here

Pierre Perusset, General Manager

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Private – Confidential – Anonymous

We believe piecemeal and ad hoc advice should be made affordable & available to everyone, just like paying a visit to the doctor, without any product sale or marketing pitches.

The market should use a platform where they can get the most honest, genuine, non-biased, non-vested advice

That will empower you to make informed decisions about your financial product purchases based on no one’s agenda except your own.”

And we think you’d agree that the school system has done us a BIG DISSERVICE by depriving us of the life skills we need when it comes to money management and personal finance ~ as articulated so well by Gary Vee below

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(examples below)

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How does this online advisory works

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1B: PAY TO GET ADVICE (Monthly retainer advisory – RM 24.90)
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If this does not happen (it does, sometimes), there is no need to panic.
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Once you are inside the members-only-area of, here’s what you can do:

How do I know the advice comes from qualified & credible professionals?

Our principal adviser, CF Lieu is a financial expert engaged by banks, financial institutions and stocks investment management companies to conduct workshops for their staff

CF Lieu is also engaged by these organizations for financial workshops and advisory

Check out CF Lieu Personal Finance Blog at founded since 2011

Interview with CF Lieu Personal Clients

“I liked your approach of advising without financial jargons, just plain english, something I can relate. 
Fees are affordable, and most importantly, from neutral perspective.
From medical perspective, you are prescribing medicine that you are actually eating.”

Dr Hans Lim, 34 (Penang), married with 2 children, General Practitioner

“I really appreciate Ching Foo – he is very detailed – Always gives a lot of thoughts to me, always trigger my thinking so we can make the advisory more comprehensive…I really think he stands from Customer Standpoint”

Hong, Ling Seng, 43 (Penang), married with 2 children, Senior Engineering Director @ a Multinational company

I engaged Lieu all the way from Singapore at the moment where I was almost blindsided by an insurance agent. Lieu’s advice has ‘saved’ me in the nick of time for me to fix the matter I overlooked.

As an analytical professional lacking time and practical exposure in the many aspect of personal finance, I often times feel I can’t connect the dots. However, Lieu’s process-oriented advisory approach has given me utmost clarity I need to untangle a web of complication, giving me the confidence to move forward with actionable strategy.

Also, I actually casually ‘verified’ his recommendations with the Finance director friend and he concurred that Lieu’s advice does make sense and hold water.

It has been a great experience for me engaging him and I’d vouch for his client-centric approach.

Joe Koon, 36 (Malaysian) Front Line Leader (Team Manager) at Abbott Singapore

Problem faced: An insurance policy that was unfairly imposed with both loading and exclusion (due to a recovered medical condition)

Solved: CF helped me to strategize a new insurance application that eventually got approved without any loading (premium penalty) or exclusion.

My response below says it all:

Ryan Yeap, 29 (Penang) Engineer with a multi national company

I appreciate Lieu’s down-to-earth and casual approach. He did tax planning, insurance advisory and retirement roadmapping for me. I can say, I easily achieved 3x hard savings and ROI (return on investment) by engaging him 1 on 1 – that’s just in the first year!

Brandon Loh (36) Independent Film Director, KL

Lieu gave me the most detailed analysis I could ever expect from a financial adviser on why I should restructure my existing insurance policies.

As many parents out there, I probably know I am under-insured, but not sure how much and how I could cover this coverage shortfall without incurring additional policy premium costs. Lieu showed me how this could be done, and we subsequently executed the strategy.

Francis Ong (44) Manager, Honeywell Penang

CF Lieu helped me to conduct a thorough tax planning for my private practice and investment portfolio.

He came to me at the right timing of my career and, in turn I engaged him for fees-based advisory. I never would have thought a CFP can do advanced company & property tax planning, so I really credit CF for a a fee-based advisory nicely done – giving me and my wife much clarity on the overall big picture.

Dr Thinakaran Malapan, 40 (Ipoh), married with 2 children Gynecologist with Tropicana Medical Center

Working with CF has really been a breath of fresh air. He has been most professional and efficient in all their services rendered.

The advisory approach by CF was structured and no fluff– he simplified it without missing the important points, yet not too much information to digest for a non-financial background person. CF is really easy to work with and is prepared to give me + my wife time to discuss ideas, address concerns and solve problems.

I can safely say we have never experienced such comprehensive, integrated advisory approach, and we’ve since set our standards high.

John Paul Wang SS, 33 (Kulim, Kedah) Operations Manager, Intel

I like AskCF act as a platform of transparency and honesty without offending any party by raising sensitive questions. I appreciate the fact that it has made me understand insurance in a whole new level.  A rewarding platform! Thank you for your effort to educate and enlighten!

Priscilia Chua

Risk & Safety Consultant, O&G Industry – KL

The most useful part of the advisory process was that on how you educate me on optimizing my spending on maximizing coverage at the lowest cost.
Saved more than RM 6,000 a year for the next 17 years, and that’s not taking into account investing this amount and compounded annually.

Saiful Amry Mahat

Head of HR Services APAC at Givaudan is good, as almost every month there are new plan/info to look at.
Learned so much from here in short time what would have taken me months to figure out. It was like ‘insurance and financial wisdom’ delivered in a capsule.

Howie Phang

Senior Application Supporter at Transition Technologies – Managed Services

How does this arrangement benefit you

Save Time
No more searching for answers from Google or forums, or even getting multiple conflicting answers from non-qualified agents without credibility

Save Money
You just need a quick answer, not a full-fledged financial planning service. Also, saving time means saving money too

Quick Answer
Get a quick response to your question in 2 working days, and use it to make informed decisions

Independent Perspective
Have a hard time comparing features from different financial providers? Stop. This is your one-stop platform to get a second independent opinion

Know the Truth & Fine Print
Unsure of the hidden fine prints buried in your financial products brochure? Ask them here in

Avoid Costly Mistakes
Uncover potential mistakes and avoid being sold something which does not suit your needs

Single Session 1on1 Consultation

RM 250

You self-schedule a web conference call with an associate from CF Lieu Advisory, and you’ll be allocated up to ONE Hour 1 on 1 session, to answer your question(s). 

Note: Self-schedule your call by clicking HEREafter payment. Attempts to schedule a 1on1 phone call before full payment will not be entertained.

Single Session Online Consultation

RM 47

You submit your question in our internal forum in private, we reply and follow up with you until you are satisfied with what you need answered, within 1 month period.

Note: You DO NOT have access to our awesome insider content available HERE, updated monthly

We recommend 👇

Monthly Subscription

RM 24.90

You submit your question in our internal forum in private, we reply and follow up with you until you are satisfied with what you need answered.

You also have FULL ACCESS to our awesome insider content available HERE, updated monthly

Your membership subscription fee is automatically renewed unless you cancel it yourself before the next billing cycle (see FAQ section below on how to do this)

This Is Your Frequently-Asked-Questions Section

It’s simple. You pay for the level of access you need, create your username & password to access the paying member’s area, submit your questions in the paying member’s area, and we’ll answer you in written form below your original question, usually within 2 working days.

Aside from that, AskCF is a self-paced content membership website, with lessons in video and PDF transcripts so you can learn in whatever format that is convenient for you. Access to all content is 24/7.

Via a member’s only online ‘forum’, after you submit your questions in that same ‘forum’.

Questions answered on first come first served basis. Please allow for 2 working days for our first reply. If it is something that benefits the other members, the content update in the form of video/article will be posted, anonymously of course. You can also submit your situation for case study with absolute anonymity. is about answering your queries with absolute transparency.

Any aspects of personal finance as below.

If we are unable to answer your question, we will transparently let you know and refund your subscription fee within 1 business day.

All members will get all future contents which are updated at least once every month. See the list of archived content HERE. The content we are referring to are specially curated stuff you cannot get anywhere else, not via Google or other public domains.

Nope. Not at all 😀 so as you can see, it is Zero risk, No BS, Cancel anytime like your Netflix.

CF Lieu runs one of the top independent personal finance portal in Malaysia (check out

True, on the same analogy, you can be your own doctor nowadays via Google.
However, you would still go to see a doctor to confirm if everything is alright.
That’s the difference between free info and consultation. We work on the same analogy as GP – a consultation fee per visit.

Since we don’t intend to sell you any financial products, charging for advice is sustainable way to compensate us for the time put in to advise you.
Remember, there is no free lunch – you can probably get free advice from a product-selling financial agent, but he will expect you to buy his product and being biased about the product he has to offer.

Yea sure….you could search all over the internet…buy TONS of books…talk to lots of insurance agents….go become a CFP…do ALL this research…work as an independent financial adviser….and gain years or experience…

OR….you could just take advantage of our experience. We’ve done that and we took all that and put it into

AskCF is born after years of of research. We integrate all the contradictory financial advice, eliminate the nonsense, and simplify the whole thing into a cohesive membership website that makes complete sense to both non-expert and experts.

You’re paying for the royal road to this knowledge.

  • No wasted time.
  • No dead-end paths.
  • No nonsense.

What is your time worth? What is it worth for you to get the advice you need now instead of later? The time value of the results should be more than enough to justify the subscription price (not to mention the time saved in learning).

Search your email for a system email by ‘ThriveCart’ when you first subscribe to AskCF. Inside that email, there should be a link for you to cancel your subscription.

If you lost that email, then you want to use this page.

Upon cancellation, you lose all access to AskCF, including your question thread.

Disclaimer: Before acting on any information, you should consider your own objectives, financial situation and needs. In particular, you should seek independent investment advice and, where applicable, read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or other offer documents prior to acquiring a financial product.