Fed up with insurance agents and cannot ‘tahan’ (stand) their pushy sales talk, plus constantly-bugging-you calls/Whatsapp messages?

Then you have come to the right page because this is where you can avoid ALL of that, hands-down.

An advice site by HowToFinanceMoney.com

Sample of Non-biased Advisory you are getting

Dr Nik Marzuki Bin Mohammad
(Anesthesiologist, KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital)

The only regret I have is NOT seeking his advice earlier pertaining to my family insurance matters.
Lieu has delivered precisely the the answers I am seeking to solve the insurance issues I had for more than 1 year, which I can’t seem to get straight answers from insurance agents or thru aggregator sites like RinggitPlus or iMoney.
The advisory sessions had been exceedingly useful in clearing all my doubts on the nitty-gritty stuff and showed me the exact approach to pay less while getting increase coverage.
I am satisfied and extremely thankful to Lieu – the advisory fees is indeed well spent.

Sample of Comparison Table you are receiving

Pierre Perusset (MM2H applicant)
General Manager – The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

The advisory sessions are conducted in no rush have been extremely helpful and have clarified a huge amounts of points which I wasn’t aware prior.
I now feel much better equipped to make the right decision being guided step by step by CF Lieu.
Of course the decision will be entirely mine but having the expertise of an expert from Malaysia who clearly understand the law, the rules , the practices if extremely valuable.