Why some people succeed, some people fail - doing the same thing (it's NOT Luck)

Most people think like this (God forbid, I hope you are NOT one of them)

They have a job,
Making 2,500 a month.
They see an ad on Facebook
Some guy talking about investing in real estate properties
No money down.

Oh shit, that's awesome!

Maybe they'll help me get off my job and retire early!

Get off my rat race, let me go buy the course for 4 times my monthly salary

Magic bullet!

4 easy payments.

I buy that, I learned that,

I'm gonna buy real estate

And then....
Suddenly, tenant moves out,
Their Joint Venture collapsed
They got retrenched
Now what?

They're fucked.

They don't even have enough money to fix the toilet.

Now they go into foreclosure and they lost everything.

And then they say now, real estate property investing doesn't work.

That's why it doesn't work.

Because you don't have the first piece.

High Income Skill in the Wealth Trinity

You got to get to that first piece first - high income skill

Something you can control...something you can be certain of

To make you money

Let me give you another example.


You know some people like, some don't like it.

It's a scalable business.

The challenge is 99% of people don't make money in network marketing because they are using that as an escape.

Please write it down,

You can't escape from something,
You got to escape to something.

You can't escape from your job and say I jump into something or maybe that will help me get rid of my job.

It's not like that because they don't have the skills in the first place.

And they jump to something and that's where, they get into scammy investments....
And lose money...
And complained -

Oh, it's so hard, I'm done and this shit sucks.

It has nothing to do with that.


Are there people making a lot of money with property investing and MLM marketing, yes?

Are there people making no money with MLM marketing? Of course there is

Are there people make a lot of money with a real estate? Of course there is

Are there people making no money with real estate? Yes!

So with this, now here's what happens [watch the video above]

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