What if I tell you Financial Freedom is a Fantasy, Passive Income is Bullshit?

Financial freedom is an illusion because even if you think you are financially free today, you might not be free 2 months or 2 years from now.

If your financial freedom is primarily tied to something you cannot absolutely control and that something has no certainty of working in your favour, then your freedom may not last forever.

For example,

  • You cannot control stock prices,
  • You cannot control your real estate property value or rental market rate,
  • You cannot control inflation -

Basically you will not be able to control to control the supply & demand in these areas which will determine the price of your assets...and that assets are mostly tied to most people’s idea of financial freedom

Financial freedom is NOT permanent as what people thought -

So then you ask, CF, if this is an illusion, what should I aim for?[watch the video above]

And in case you are wondering, this is how 'passive' income is made (an example of one of my company passive income sources)

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