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Testimonial from Dr Jangjit Singh, Shah Alam

I have engaged CF Lieu for 1 on 1 consultation session, and I have to say, he straightened things out for me which my 5 insurance agents never told me for the past 20 years.

I would highly recommend AskCF membership to anyone who need independent financial advice, even though you don't go for the private consultation session (like I did).

Private - Confidential - Anonymous

"We believe piecemeal and ad hoc financial advice should be made affordable & available to everyone, just like paying a visit to the doctor, without any product sale or marketing pitches.

The market should use a platform where they can get the most honest, genuine, non-biased, non-vested advice

That will empower you to make informed decisions about your financial product purchases based on no one's agenda except your own."

More than 500+ Questions Answered since 2013

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Got a question? Why don’t you get it answered?

How does this online financial advisory works

  • 1A

    PAY TO GET ADVICE (One time - RM 39.90)

    Use any major credit cards to subscribe to All payments are processed securely on PayPal SSL encrypted website so you are sure that all transactions are secure..
    Fill in your credit card, billing address and contact details, then click SUBMIT.

  • 1B

    PAY TO GET ADVICE (Monthly retainer advisory - RM 19.90)

    Use any major credit cards to subscribe to, however for recurring monthly payments, you need to create a Paypal account linked to your credit card.
    Fill in your credit card, billing address and contact details, then click SUBMIT.

  • 2

    Wait to be Redirected to

    After payment is successful, there is a link "CLICK HERE" for you to be redirected to Otherwise, wait for 10 seconds and Paypal will auto redirect you.

  • 3

    Create your login username and password

    After redirected back to, you will be required to create your own username and password for first time login into the site.
    If this does not happen (it does, sometimes), do not panic. Please drop an email to admin[at] so we can create the access for you within 1 working day.

Once you are inside the members-only-area of, you can:


1A) Ask your questions HERE, and a detailed consultation reply will be delivered to you via email. You also have the option to engage us for a 1-1, 15 minutes session.

1B) Everything in 1A above, plus a monthly insider update on personal finance related articles and published member's questions; examples of archived articles can be seen HERE

Let me walk you through how you do it

(Click on the video below)

How do I know the advice comes from a qualified & credible professional?

Our principal adviser, CF Lieu is a financial expert engaged by banks, financial institutions and investment management companies to conduct workshops for their staff

CF Lieu of has also been featured in

Check out CF Lieu Personal Finance Blog at founded since 2011

Priscilia Chua

I like AskCF act as a platform of transparency and honesty without offending any party by raising sensitive questions. I appreciate the fact that it has made me understand insurance in a whole new level.  A rewarding platform! Thank you for your effort to educate and enlighten!

Priscilia Chua, Risk & Safety Consultant, O&G Industry - KL

How does this arrangement benefit you

  • Save Time

    No more searching for answers from Google or forums, or even getting multiple conflicting answers from non-qualified agents without credibility

  • Save Money

    You just need a quick answer, not a full-fledged financial planning service. Also, saving time means saving money too

  • Quick Answer

    Get a quick response to your question in 2 working days, and use it to make informed decisions

  • Independent Perspective

    Have a hard time comparing features from different financial providers? Stop. This is your one-stop platform to get a second independent opinion

  • Know the Truth & Fine Print

    Unsure of the hidden fine prints buried in your financial products brochure? Ask them here in

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Uncover potential mistakes and avoid being sold something which does not suit your needs

The monthly subscription is definitely worth more than the advice & info I am getting from

Single Session Consultation
RM39.90One Time
    Subscribe Now

    You submit your question, we reply you via email plus a 15 minutes phone call if necessary

    Pay using JomPAY via your online banking

    • Go to 'Bill Payment' in your online banking portal
    • Select JomPAY
    • Enter Biller Code: 39222 and Ref-1: [yourname]
    • Send proof of payment to with email title – “AskCF One Time”
    • Wait for our email reply within 24 hours.

    Saiful Amry Mahat, HR IT Manager

    The most useful part of the advisory process was that on how you educate me on optimizing my spending on maximizing coverage at the lowest cost.

    Saved more than RM 6,000 a year for the next 17 years, and that’s not taking into account investing this amount and compounded annually.

    Saiful Amry Mahat, HR IT Manager, Shell, Cyberjaya
    Howie Phang, Technical Support Analyst is good, as almost every month there are new plan/info to look at.

    Learned so much from here in short time what would have taken me months to figure out. It was like 'insurance and financial wisdom' delivered in a capsule.

    Howie Phang, Technical Support Analyst, Revenue Managment & Telecom Billing Industry, Subang Jaya

    You may ask:

    "Why do you charge fee for financial advice? I can get them for free via Google."


    True, on the same analogy, you can be your own doctor nowadays via Google.

    However, you would still go to see a doctor to confirm if everything is alright.

    That's the difference between free info and consultation. We work on the same analogy as GP - a consultation fee per visit.

    Since we don't intend to sell you any financial products, charging for advice is sustainable way to compensate us for the time put in to advise you. Also, to upgrade our learning to advise you better.

    Remember, there is no free lunch - you can probably get free advice from a product-selling financial agent, but he will expect you to buy his product and being biased about the product he has to offer.


    You may also wonder:

    "I can learn all of this elsewhere, why should I learn or get advice from you?"

    Yea sure….you could search all over the TONS of to lots of insurance agents....go become a CFP…do ALL this as an independent financial adviser….and gain years or experience...

    OR….you could just take advantage of my experience. I've done that and I took all that and put it into

    AskCF is born after years of of research. I integrate all the contradictory financial advice, eliminate the nonsense, and simplify the whole thing into a cohesive membership website that makes complete sense to both non-expert and experts.

    You’re paying for the royal road to this knowledge.

    • No wasted time.
    • No dead-end paths.
    • No nonsense.

    What is your time worth? What is it worth for you to get the advice you need now instead of later? The time value of the results should be more than enough to justify the subscription price (not to mention the time saved in learning).

    This Is Your Frequently Asked Questions Section

    How does financial advisory membership work? +

    It's simple. You pay for the level of access you need, create your username & password to access the paying member's area, submit your questions in this paying member's area, and we'll answer you with email or follow up 1-1 phone call (if you give us your contact number) within 2 working days.

    Aside from that, AskCF is a self-paced content membership website, with lessons in video and PDF transcripts so you can learn in whatever format that is convenient for you. Access to all content is 24/7.

    What's in for me if I subscribed monthly but I don't have any question to ask in any one month? +

    All members will get all future contents which are updated at least once every month. See the list of archived content HERE. The content we are referring to are specially curated stuff you cannot get anywhere else, not via Google or other public domains.

    What are the type of questions you can answer? +

    Any aspects of personal finance as below.

    Can I pay by bank transfer/cheque/cash deposit? +

    For One-time advice only

    If you don’t want to pay us using credit card/Paypal, please follow the following steps:

    STEP 1:
    Bank in the amount RM 39.90 to:

    Bank: CIMB Account No: 7023107302

    Account name: LIEU CHING FOO

    You can bank in cash, cheque (payable to “LIEU CHING FOO”) or Internet banking transfer.

    STEP 2:
    After making payment, please send an email to: Make sure you have the following info in your email:

    email title/subject: Order AskCF
    your name:
    proof of payment (screenshot, scanned receipt, PDF etc)


    Please wait 1 working day for our email that contains your login info. As we need to verify your payment before creating the account, it usually takes 1-2 working days. But sometimes you will receive our email sooner than expected.

    How do you answer my questions? +

    By email, after you submit your questions inside a special section inside the paying members' area of

    Questions answered on first come first served basis. Please allow for 2 working days for our first reply. If it is something that benefits the mass, the content update in the form of video/article will be posted. You can also submit your situation for case study with anonymity. is about answering your queries with absolute transparency.

    What makes you credible to do this? +

    I am a licensed financial adviser by Securities Commission (check my license HERE) and runs one of the top independent personal finance portal in Malaysia (check out my work at I am also one of the featured CFP professional at Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) website - see it here

    How do I cancel my monthly subscription? +

    Please refer to the step-by-step instruction HERE

    The video contents don’t work! +

    There are known issues with Internet Explorer and Mozilla. Try Chrome or Safari instead. If you still encounter problem, do drop us an email - admin[at] and we’ll help you out.

    Disclaimer: Before acting on any information, you should consider your own objectives, financial situation and needs. In particular, you should seek independent investment advice and, where applicable, read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or other offer documents prior to acquiring a financial product.