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EPF-approved funds with foreign exposure: Complete performance comparison table

Updated 20 Jan 2017 This table is computing the total returns up to end 2015 if you were to invest RM 50k into the list of EPF-approved unit trust funds with foreign exposure, starting Jan 2011. The top funds would have doubled your initial capital after 5 years. This table will be updated by Jan…

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AIA Medical Card Range Comparison (updated Nov 2016)

This table compare all available AIA medical card options and configurations, with indicative annual premium for a 35 & 50 years old Male/Non-smoker/Occupation Class 1 & 2. Room & board (R&B) is fixed at RM 250 where available because this represents the above average rate in most private healthcare nowadays. Moreover, since the annual/lifetime limit…

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[Case study] Is it still worthwhile to buy medical card when you are older?

Considering the cost of current medical procedures now and future medical inflation, is it more worthwhile to either self-insure myself or buy a medical card? I got asked the questions above by a new client recently for consultation which I charged a fee. She is in her mid 40’s, retired early from a senior technical…

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Medical cost & claim amount in Malaysia (2014-2015)

When we buy and maintain a medical card, we must know the estimated costs of common medical procedures in private hospitals. It could vary from one hospital to another. The specific type of illness affecting you and its complications could also vary – hence, the costs too, vary. This is to give you an indicative…

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